the ‘problem’ that makes Anabel Pantoja’s pregnancy bitter

We already mentioned it a few days ago: all that glitters is not gold. Anabel Pantoja She is living one of the happiest and most exciting moments of her life while waiting for her first child and is focused on her pregnancy. At least, for the gallery. Because behind closed doors, the Instagrammer and her boyfriend, David Rodriguezhave a tricky matter on their hands: an alleged infidelity on the part of the physiotherapist that has ended up in court.

The reason? An alleged extortion. “David allegedly hooked up with a girl in the Canary Islands while Anabel was at Coachella for work”has counted Lydia Lozano this wednesday in Not even if we were shhh… “It seems that a friend of this girl records everything and tells him that she is going to tell everything or that she will keep quiet if he gives her money. And what does she do? Well, go to court and say ‘They are extorting me'”. According to the journalist, Anabel found out everything not from David but from some colleagues on the program. Fiesta.

As we anticipated from this portal, the issue is in the courts although it is possible that the parties reach an agreement and fail to start the procedure. It is, of course, not what is best for Anabel Pantoja at this point in her pregnancy.

The tonadillera’s niece is halfway through her pregnancy and although she has not suffered major discomfort in the first weeks, she has confessed to being very tired. In fact, this Wednesday she had to repeat one of the routine tests in her condition (the sugar curve), because the results of the first one were not as desired. As she herself has revealed on social networks, “the values ​​were above normal”, that is, Anabel could suffer from gestational diabetes, a condition that must be carefully controlled and that can entail a serious risk if not treated correctly.