On the occasion of the first leg of the round of 16 of the Champions between Atalanta and the Real Madrid, the president of the bergamasco club, Antonio Percassi, has given an interview to Sky Sports Italy.

In the talk, the president of the Italian club praised the figure of a team like him Real
Madrid, which “has made history in world football.”

“The party of Real
Madrid It is another challenge that will make us grow. It will be like going to college. We must face them with humility, remembering that we are a provincial team that faces another that is world-renowned, “he said. Perch.

Finally, the Atalanta president was asked about those who, he himself assures, are the two mainstays of the team: Muriel and Gasperini. He only had good words towards the Colombian forward and praised his way of playing: “He is an extraordinary player, it is a pleasure to see how he touches the ball and the movements he makes. He is fantastic, truly a great player ”.

And about his coach, GasperiniHe did not hesitate for a moment to ensure that, if it were up to him, he would keep him on the bench “for life.”


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