93 years ago there were no national team stops as we know them today. Because there was not even the League, whose first edition would start a few months later, in February 1929. So On a day like today, October 9, 1928, Real Madrid took the opportunity to carry out its particular 'Operation Paso del Estrecho' and play its first game in Tetouan, then capital of the Spanish Protectorate of Morocco.

The reason that brought Madrid to the African continent was the inauguration of the field of the Equestrian Societya, where years later the historic Atlético Tetuán would play its matches in the only season (1951-52) that it played in the Spanish First Division. The rival, Atlético de Madrid. Madridistas and rojiblancos had met the previous weekend on the third day of the Central Regional Championship. The whites came from beating their rival in the Metropolitano 0-2 and repeated victory in Tetuán: 4-1 with two doubles by Gaspar Rubio and Lazcano. Cosme scored the athletic goal.

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

The event attracted the attention of a large audience from Tangier, Ceuta and Larache, according to the brief review published Abc. Among the personalities who gathered in the box was General José Sanjurjo, high commissioner of Spain in Morocco and who in 1932 would star in the Sanjurjada, an attempted coup that he led from Seville and took his name.

Madrid would return to the Protectorate to play an official match 23 years later, on Three Kings Day 1952. Atlético Tetuán, which finished bottom, achieved a creditable draw (3-3) against the whites. Madrid went ahead with a goal from Roque Olsen, but the locals went 3-1 in just 12 minutes and Madrid managed to draw in the second half with goals from Joseíto and the second from Roque Olsen.