The Premier League has bowed to the British government's claims to make football accessible to most of the confined population and already It has been confirmed that more than a third of the remaining 92 parties will be able to be seen without having to have an active subscription, although it does not seem likely that this will spread abroad. The last operator to join this initiative has been Amazon, who will broadcast the four games over which it has rights by streaming without it being necessary to be part of its Prime plan.

This has also allowed confirming the schedules of some of the matches of the day that will be played during the weekend of June 19-21, time when all the teams will compete again, although they will all be fixed during the meeting this afternoon. At the moment, and according to The Times newspaper, Bournemouth – Aston Villa will be played on Saturday at 21:00 Spanish time.

So, not everyone already has an assigned or minimally clear schedule, since for example Sky, which will yield 33 games to its open channel, has confirmed that it will broadcast the derby between Everton and Liverpool and the duel between Tottenham and Manchester United on Friday 19 without being able to give a time slot however exact for neither match. In that match, the Reds have the first chance to confirm their first Premier League in 30 years.

However, Yes, the times of the matches on the 17th are already known., a special pre-match day created to match the number of matches for all teams. Meanwhile he Aston Villa and Sheffield United will inaugurate football's return to England three months later at 19:00, Manchester City and Arsenal will play the first great game of the Premier just two hours later, at 21:00.


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