The Premier League Kings

The round of fixtures that took place recently in the Premier League is often regarded as a reflection of why it is given the status of being the best league worldwide. All international sportsbooks aren’t able to predict the outcome of these matches so odds are usually high. In Great Britain, European bookmakers available for UK players even set deposit limits on such events as they don’t want players to lose all their funds.

The cumulative number of goals by 10 rounds of games was 30 with a payout of 2.5 goals for 8. But what created the benchmark and grabbed everyone’s eyes were the three unexpected wins.  

Comeback Champions

The first comeback was marked by Liverpool. This took place on Saturday following the recognition of the opening goal at the home ground to Aston Villa. The entire victorious goal was then followed by another from Mohamed Salah. The position of Liverpool at the first league win was further secured by another eminent name, Trent Alexander Arnold at Anfield. This particular event took place in one of their last seven matches. 

Newcastle and Manchester United secured their position by their victory marking their comeback in the NFL. Although Newcastle faced a defeat against Matej Vydra from Burnley. The second half of the game experienced a major unexpected twist when Allan Saint-Maximin turned up during the initial phase of the second half. He planned the game in a way that he set Jacob Murphy up for Equaliser of magpie’s after two minutes of being introduced. 

This was followed by him declaring his win in the exact 64th minute. This created a history considering the fact that it was the first time in a long while that Newcastle tasted victory in a League match after the opening goal was considered since they predetermined their goals to defeat Southampton by 2-1 in the December of 2019. 

Two hours into the game, at the Tottenham Hotspur stadium, in order to maintain the pressure in the minds of the opponents to gain the 4th position, Spurs lead Manchester United into winning by 1-0.  

The goal secured by Son Heung Min in the first half was cancelled out by Fred, midfielder, and adding to the hard luck of the struggling team of Jose Mourinho, Edison Cavani, and Mason Greenwood did what was expected of them. 

For The Record

The victory of Manchester United marks their 40th time of the season for a team that won a League match following a 1st goal that was conceded. Not just limited to that, it surpasses the same in Serie A By 10, Bundesliga by 11, Ligue 1 By 12, and by 13 in La Liga. For Manchester United, this is not the first but the 9th time during the current season that they gave up the first goal secured and yet somehow managed to get away with it claiming further points. 

Among the goals scored, 8 of them came unexpectedly to pick up the position from ultimate loss to a whopping 28. Like a true hero, Manchester United emerged from a state of detriment into being one of the leading teams in the current season. The recovery is truly appreciable to any sports and almost unexpected to the opposition parties. 

Manchester United shuns every opponent with a leading position with nine goals followed by Liverpool with four, Arsenal with three, and Chelsea with two goals for the season right after conceding the first score. They are among the comeback kings of an entire lot of the Premier League clubs. It is the recovery that makes them the hero and their constant growth followed by the loss. 

 A neighbour to Manchester United, Manchester City is a little lagging compared to the rest of the teams when it comes to the race of recovery after conceding the first score. 

Liverpool is actually known as the one team who always leads with a total of 21 wins even after letting the rival team take the position of the opening goal scorer. It has been a similar pattern for the last five seasons. 

Since 2016-17, Liverpool has bagged 21 wins, Manchester United scored 19 goals in total, Tottenham Secured 16 goals, while Arsenal is with 14. Moreover, Chelsea scored twelve goals leaving Manchester City minorly lagging behind with nine goals in total.  


These teams have been competing with each other securing a more or less similar status considering their excellence in comebacks even if they are lagging behind at 1st and even experiencing setbacks due to the conceding of first goals. This reflects the true spirit of a team and their consistency in maintaining their place at the League with heads held high.