The boy who remembered Leo Messi as a child for his way of dribbling all his rivals is called Pedro Juárez, he was born in Salta and is 7 years old

The prebenjamin child of Barcelona that amazed the world is Argentine


On November 11 the Barça He posted on his social networks a video of a boy playing in his lower categories and it soon became viral. The Barça junior was leaving each of the rivals that came his way – a total of four – and when he stood in front of the rival goal he defined to score the goal of his team’s victory by 6-5.

Four days later it has been known that that boy who, due to his short stature and his way of dribbling, remembered Leo messi He is also Argentine. Is named Pedro Juarez was born in the city of Jump and is 7 years old.

What will happen in the coming years no one knows, but today, the coincidences between that child who left his natal Rosario to reach Barcelona and Pedro Juarez there are many.

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