The police report of the Daniel Sancho case has been delivered to the Prosecutor’s Office: no trace of the alleged stab wound to Edwin

The Thai police issued the police report on the case this Friday. Daniel Sancho to the prosecution. They still had a month until the deadline (October 27) to find new evidence and polish details but they have closed the work and the Spanish experts have been surprised with the result: too many unresolved questions.

For example, the famous stab that Daniel Sancho allegedly delivered to Edwin Arrieta in the chest. Big Joke and the rest of the team showed the victim’s shirt with the brand at a press conference, and even though the garment had no blood on it, they did not find the torso to perform an autopsy and they did not find the weapon, they assured them, convinced that it had happened. However, none of this appears in the report.

On the other hand, the police assure that Daniel’s motivation for carrying out the crime was alleged threats by Edwin Arrieta and alleged extortion with sexual material. The victim’s cell phone was not found and Daniel’s had been deleted. Those responsible assured that computer experts were working to recover the information, but there is no trace of it: No written or audiovisual evidence is provided in the report. Evidence that is key for Sancho, because only by demonstrating the harassment and extortion to which he was subjected could he commute the death sentence to a life sentence.

A court judge speaks

While Daniel Sancho’s Spanish defense develops a strategy and looks for a Thai lawyer to represent him, one of the judges in charge of the case has spoken with And now Sonsoles. It confirms, as we have already anticipated, that the trial will begin at the end of the year or the beginning of the next and that if the chef can prove that he has been a victim of harassment, His sentence could be reduced to a minimum of 15 years in prison..

It also states that both the family of the accused and the victim will be able to attend the trial. Also the press, although recording inside the room is prohibited.