Sanxenxo and the regattas bring luck to Juan Carlos I. Not only does he set foot on Spanish soil and see his closest friends, like Pedro Campos, there are also the hugs from his family. This time, a simple walk along the Pontevedra estuary with his sister Margarita and his niece María Zurita made him smile. María, who was wearing a dark cap and nautical clothing, was with her son Carlos. They enjoyed the ride, aboard the Cristina, this Thursday morning the 28th. The infanta, her daughter and her grandson arrived in Sanxenxo the day before.

They were all on board the boat. The emeritus king shook hands with his sister, who was wearing a yellow raincoat. Like Don Juan Carlos, Margarita is also passionate about the sea. In front of the Infanta, Duchess of Soria, sat her daughter María Zurita and little Carlos, aged five. Juan Carlos I, who is also the little one’s honorary godfather, was happy with the family plan.

Nothing makes the emeritus enjoy more than seeing himself accompanied by his loved ones. His self-expatriation in Abu Dhabi, for 3 years, makes him live those family moments in Spain with great intensity.

It so happens that this visit by Margarita coincides with Philip VI’s trip to Pontevedra. This Thursday, September 28, the head of state travels to La Toja where he will inaugurate in the afternoon the V edition of the La Toja Atlantic Link Forum. Meanwhile, Juan Carlos I is preparing in Sanxenxo to compete in the regatta that bears his name and which begins tomorrow, Friday. The two kings will be separated by 14.9 kilometers (17 minutes by car). A reunion is not planned.