Carlo Ancelotti was in the auditorium of Real Madrid City this Tuesday to inaugurate the academic year 2021-22 of the Real Madrid University European School. It is the sixteenth class, made up of students of more than 50 nationalities and made up of 16 sports-related master’s degrees.

During the event, the Italian coach analyzed the changes that have occurred in the world of football in recent years: “Football is changing, it has changed and it will change, it never stops. The methodology, the strategy of the matches, the physiotherapy, the speed … What was done in the eighties does not make sense to propose it to the players now. And also what was done twenty years ago. The players are much more professional than before ”.

The Madrid coach also analyzed his day-to-day with the players: “The relationship between the players is that of the work of a group. A coach has to convey a football idea. I have been lucky to do something that I am passionate about and I have this passion every day. The key to being successful is doing something with passion. You have to work and have a little luck. Also, one cannot give up. Leadership cannot be taught. It is something that is intrinsic ”. In addition, about Madrid he said that it is “the most prestigious club, with more history and more fans; it is a great responsibility. It has 13 Champions League and no one has that. This is due to its values ​​and its challenges, which have led it to this place in history. I was lucky enough to train at this club a few years ago and now I’m trying to enjoy it again. “

To end, Carletto He recalled the conquest of La Décima: “La Décima was something that all Real Madrid wanted and a great motivation. There was little left to lose it, but from the first to the last minute the players wanted that title. It is the reason why Madrid won La Décima. It was the atmosphere, not just a group of players. The whole dressing room was very motivated, not just the players. Also doctors, props, among others. It was a particular environment and everyone believed in it ”.