The daughter of Isabella Preysler it has managed to make a name for itself beyond that of its very famous mother and is trading on the rise. For a few years, she has been one of the stars of social networks and also of television, where there is no format that can resist her. after winning Masterchef, was sworn in The challengeprotagonist of his own documentary and even a commentator on the anthill.

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Activities all of which report to Tamara Falco a juicy amount of money every month. For example, the Marquise de Griñón pocketed 15,000 euros for each cooking program on TVE, a total of 195,000 euros. A very similar figure is what she charged for the first season of The marquessebroadcast on Netflix, and which plans to renew for another six more chapters.

The other two spaces belong to the production company 7 and accion, which hired Tamara Falcó for 2,500 euros a collaboration, both as a jury in The challenge as now in the gathering of the anthill, which he attends every Thursday and where he discusses current affairs with Nuria Roca, Juan del Val and Cristina Pardo. At the end of the month, Onieva’s fiancée pockets 10,000 euros for just one hour in prime-time on Antena 3.

The queen of the photocall

But where Tamara really makes a name for herself is in the world of advertising. The brands raffle her off and, according to communication experts, she can earn up to 30,000 euros per campaign. After the Iñigo Onieva scandal, the figure has been able to rise to 60,000. Television commercials aside, because according to Save meFalcó received 150,000 euros in 2019 for the Porcelanosa spot and some 18,000 euros for the famous Campofrío advertisement last Christmas.

For social networks, the marquise has hired a team to help her manage all contracts and collaborations, which do not go below 3,000 euros per post.