Not last Tuesday Cádiz not even this friday RCDE Stadium. After the setback in the form of elimination in an indigestible Cup in Palma de Mallorca, the Spanish needed a triumph with which to re-engage a disenchanted hobby, but far from achieving it, what happened is that the parakeet illusion train completely derailed with the passing of the Betis for Cornellà-El Prat.

The game did not start badly for the interests of those of Vincent Moreno since they were the ones who opened the scoring, but in the end things got extremely complicated. So much so that not even the most optimistic of the Blue and Whites fans went home with the slightest feeling that their team deserved a better result than the harvest.

In fact, the brave men and women who endured the downpour (and not a drop fell from the Cornellà sky) did enough until the end. Because they not only saw how a Betis nothing well received took the three points back to Sevilla, but also attended live and direct the double of a Borja Iglesias before smiling in blue and white and now even more in green and white.

to tremble

With yesterday’s defeat, the feeling that Cornellà-El Prat it is a fort, and to add insult to injury, the parakeet discovers when looking at the calendar that the next commitments will measure a Spanish dejected and disappointed Athletic, the Barça, the Sevilla and the Villarreal. Almost nothing. None of those four teams seem weak enough to be lenient and condescending with this Spanish. And after them, it will be the Getafe from Quique Sanchez Flores the one who visits Cornellà-El Prat. The parakeet box needs to react once and for all.

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