“This video is from yesterday, minutes after I was discharged, leaving the hospital,” he wrote. Sarah Carbonero in their networks, after receiving hospital discharge this Monday. The journalist, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer three years ago, takes stock of her last visit to the hospital.

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“When happiness did not fit in my chest for the mere fact of feeling the air on my face again and being able to breathe and enjoy another sunset,” added the former de Iker Casillas about the video, in which he appears in the car, with the window down, enjoying the air that runs through his face while moving his hair.

He then revealed that he is “fine” and thanked his followers for all the support he received: “I am very well. Thank you very much to all of you who have been concerned, for the innumerable expressions of affection received these days. I overwhelm me and at the same time fill me with energy to keep going”.

Of course, in his message there was no shortage of words of thanks to the medical team: “Please serve this message of thanks, both to the doctors at the Clínica Universidad de Navarra, once again, for carrying me around and taking care of me these days”.

Nor has he forgotten his loved ones, who have been by his side in this week of admission and in the most difficult moments of recent years: “To my people, the usual ones, that small group of people who have not let go of my hand for even a second and that has made me aware of how strong human beings are if they are surrounded by love”.

On the other hand, as a music lover, he stressed that music has been essential during his recovery: “I don’t want to extend much more, as the song says that has accompanied me and ‘saved’ these days of ‘enclosure’, from this ‘Rage smooth’: ‘I want to dance'”.

He has also learned a great lesson from these days: “I am also left with a phrase from one of my doctors that will be my mantra from today: ‘Every day has its desire’. May we all manage to find it in the little things”.

Thus, the Radio Marca presenter thinks that the important thing is in these details. The same ones that sometimes we do not value enough due to the busy routine. Sara highlights the gestures and good intentions of her soulmates and her relatives. Also the affection of her children, Martín y Lucasand the unconditional support of her boyfriend, the singer-songwriter Nacho Taboada.

“[Las pequeñas cosas] they are in an unconditional family, in a hand that holds you tight while it plays the guitar chords of your favorite song to make you fall asleep, a voice that reads you the newspaper every morning, firm arms that support you to get up again and take walks in a circle through the corridors of the hospital. Some children who are waiting for you at home with open arms and the blackboard full of messages. Some friends who take the first plane to bring you some flowers and a handful of laughs”, added the Toledo woman.

Therefore, after this new bump, she only has words of gratitude for feeling so supported and loved: “I feel at peace and grateful with life, also with these bumps that locate us again and remind us of what is truly important about it. They make us a little wiser and teach us to live up to date, to embrace uncertainty.”

Finally, he sends an important message: “Trust, love, and remember that affection is what is truly revolutionary, that we always be kind to others because we never know the battle that each one is waging,” he has sentenced in his post.

On the comment wall, Carbonero has received the support of famous friends such as Paula Echevarria, Ana Milan, Bibiana Fernandez, Charlotte Sliding, Rossy de Palma, Raquel Merono, Carmen Chaparro, Mercedes Dear, Rachel Perera, Daniel Martin, Eva Gonzalez, Alvaro de Luna o Five.

Also a very special one Ana Obregonwho lost her son to cancer in May 2020: “Sara, you are another example of those who fight this bloody battle giving us life lessons every second to those of us who accompany and love you. I am not sending you strength, strength is to lift weights. I send you encouragement, energy, light and love. You will continue dancing for a long time with the most beautiful chord in life: love”.

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Sara’s great supporters are her mother (Goyi Arevalo), his sister (Irene), her boyfriend and her best friend, Isabel Jimenez, from Telecinco News. Casillas has been very aware of his evolution from a distance, since he is in Qatar with a TVE delegation on the occasion of the 2022 World Cup. His two sons have remained in Madrid well cared for by their relatives.

The communicator was diagnosed with ovarian cancer three years ago and then received chemotherapy treatment. That year was especially difficult for the Casillas Carbonero family, since a few weeks before Sara’s diagnosis, the former Real Madrid goalkeeper suffered a heart attack that prevented him from continuing to play for Porto. They returned to Madrid in 2020 after the former goalkeeper retired and announced their separation a few months later, in March 2021. For a few months, the journalist has been dating Taboada, to whom she now dedicates these tender words in the message of she. “The hand that holds you tight while playing the guitar chords of your favorite song to make you fall asleep.”