Alejandro Sanz has spoken again about his state of mental health months after it aroused great concern among his fans: “Sometimes I don’t even want to be there,” he said. The singer is fully focused on his recovery, and to achieve this, the support he receives when he goes on stage is also essential. He is currently touring the United States.

This Monday, the composer wrote in “Everything is never perfect but life is worth it.”

A few weeks ago, the interpreter of My loneliness and I He also left another message about his state of mental health: “I am experiencing a moment of incredible personal learning. It is the most amazing trip I have ever taken in my life. The most difficult but the one that is taking me to the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen.” never on my inner planet.”

On a personal level, Alejandro counts on the love and strength that his children give him, Manuela, Alexander and his two little ones with Rachel Perera, Dylan y Alma. His breakup with the Cuban artist Rachel Valdes It emerged in June of this year, just a few days after the artist began talking about his problems on social networks.

However, to calm speculation, he came out in defense of Valdés on his social networks: “Rachel Valdés is an incredible woman whom I love, admire and about whom I can only say good things. My state of mind has nothing to do with her. I ask for respect for her and her work. Honey, you focus on your work and turn up the volume on your art.”

After opening up on the channel for the first time about his problems, the world of music and culture rallied to him, applauding his courage to recognize his moments of fragility and showing him all its support in this complicated stage. Messages like these serve to value the importance of mental health and the need for professionals (especially in public health) to help treat these problems.