Magnificent evening of Moet Chandon Effervescence last Wednesday at the Palacio de Cibeles in Madrid, where Isabella Preysler she dazzled at the photocall with her kindest smile. One that she vanished when the cameras stopped focusing on her and she met some ‘unpleasant’ journalists with whom she exchanged various reproaches.

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According to And now SonsolesIsabel Preysler was still hurt by some of the comments and publications that were carried out after the speech of Tamara Falco at the congress of families in Mexico, a few words for which she was accused of being homophobic. The girlfriend of Vargas Llosa He believed that some journalists were especially harsh and when he saw them at the party, he headed towards them to let them know: “He brought out the lioness that he carries inside and defended Tamara tooth and nail”they have stated.

With the rest, yes, she was as kind and generous as always. She affirmed that she was very proud of her daughter for how she had managed the “Hurricane Onieva”: “Sometimes the children do not listen to the parents, but Tamara’s decision has been the most sensible.” And she added: “It is tremendous to see a son suffer, we are very proud of her.”

He also spoke about the upcoming holidays: “If I can’t be with everyone at Christmas, I’ll be there after. Last year we were together and this year we have to divide a little bit because they have to be with the other families. What I enjoy the most in these moments of life is being with my children and my grandchildren. Being a grandmother is something that is totally different from anything I have been able to feel… I am incredibly lucky”. And, of course, the question of the century: when is the wedding with Mario? “There is no need.”