The other duel between Messi and Mbappé in the World Cup final: who is the best paid and how much money he has

The whole world is waiting this Sunday for the final between the Argentine National Team and the French National Team in Qatar. Both teams have two of the best forwards in football, Messi y Mbappewho in turn are the two highest paid footballers currently.

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according to the list Forbesthe French, at 23, surpassed the Argentine, 35, in earnings in 2022. The athlete entered his bank account this year 128 million dollars between his contract with PSG and his business off the field.

Kylian has signed as brand ambassador as Nike, Dior, Hublot, Oakley y Panini. In addition, she appeared on the cover of the video game FIFA of EA Sports for the third year in a row, and recently founded his own production company, Zebra Valleyfor the creation of content, with which it has already signed a collaboration with the NBA.

Messi, for his part, remains in second place on the list of players who earn the most in the world at the moment. This year he won 120 million dollars distributed as follows: 65 from his contract with the French club and the other 55 from sponsorships outside of it. However, since his sports career is more extensive in time, it is estimated that the star from Rosario has been able to have a little more than 1,200 million dollars.

To manage these fortunes, Kylian has his most important supporters by his side: his mother, Fayza Lamariand his father, Wilfried Mbappe. The Mbappé have always worked together for the interests of the footballer. The mother is the manager of the KEJWF company, which handles everything related to the image and finances of her son. Everyone agrees that she is a woman of great character. The father, for his part, has guided the sporting growth of his son. Within this nucleus there is another key figure, the lawyer Delphine Verheyden, which advises them on legal issues related to contracts. The athlete is romantically related to the model Inés Rau for a few months, although neither of them has confirmed that they have an affair.

In this sense, the former star of FC Barcelona is married to what has been the love of his life Antonella Rocuzzo, whom he has known since he was nine years old and with whom he has formed a large family. The couple have three children: Thiago, Mateo y Ciro. His story, worthy of a fairy tale, ended in a wedding on June 30, 2017 in the same city where it all began, Rosario.

The Messi, like the Mbappé, have a kind of family business around the player, since his father, Jorge, has been his agent since he started in the world of football at the age of 14. His older brother Rodrigokeeps his daily schedule while his mother, Celia Mariaand his other brother, matiasare in charge of managing the foundation that bears the footballer’s name.