The match
inaugural of the Eurocopa 2020, that dispute this Friday Italy Y Turkey from 9:00 p.m., it guarantees goals. And not because of the category of its players (which too) but because of the tradition of the maximum continental tournament at the national level.

Since the final phase of the European disputes its final phase based on groups, on 1980, there hasn't been an opening match without
goals. The first was a Czechoslovakia-West Germany that ended with a German victory (0-1) and the most recent, in 2016, a France-Romania that ended with a French victory (2-1).

These are the opening matches of the final stages of the Eurocup since 1980, the first to be played with group stages:

1980, Czechoslovakia-West Germany, 0-1

1984, France-Denmark, 1-0

1988, West Germany-Italy, 1-1

1992, Sweden-France, 1-1

1996, England-Switzerland, 1-1

2000, Belgium-Sweden, 2-1

2004, Portugal-Greece, 1-2

2008, Switzerland-Rep. Czech, 0-1

2012, Poland-Greece, 1-1

2016, France-Romania, 2-1