The old ‘Sálvame’ team remembers Mila Ximénez on the third anniversary of her death: “She was a great journalist and an extraordinary woman”

At 69 years old, Mila Ximenez He passed away in 2021 due to lung cancer. Three years after his death, those who were his companions Save me They have paid tribute to the journalist through some emotional words.

One of the most moving speeches was that of Carmen Borrego. Terelu’s sister has recognized that Mila was one of the best journalists with whom she shared a television set. “The best collaborator that television has ever had, a medium that lost a lot when we lost Mila. He had a strong character, but he was the person with the greatest ability to ask for forgiveness that I have ever met. He could say anything about you suddenly, and if he realized that he was not right, he would reconsider and apologize, something that is very important in life. Definitely, “She was a great journalist and an extraordinary woman.”the little daughter of María Teresa Campos has stated to The reason.

For its part, Lydia Lozano has recognized that Mila is always present in the team It’s not like we were Shhhsince, on many occasions, they ask themselves: What would Mila do in this situation? “We asked ourselves what Mila would do in certain situations, we always had her in our mouths, she was a wonderful collaborator and played a lot in the program“Lydia revealed to the aforementioned media.

In addition, Chelo García Cortes has revealed what Mila was like at short distances. “She was super affectionate and tender. One thing is work, in which we saw her very brave, and another is her personal life. That’s why I tell you that at the same time she was sensitive and tough, a mixture of both, but at short distances her sensitivity and tenderness prevailed.“, It has been recognized.

Gema Lopez remember Mila as the icon of Save me and points out that he was an unrepeatable figure on television. “Mila was the icon of Sálvamean unrepeatable figure on television, to whom she was loved or hated, depending on the day, in equal parts. Deep down, the character he showed at the plate was collapsing behind the cameras. Maintaining that tough character later took its toll on him.”he assured.