After the victory against Inter de Milan That gave the team a place in the round of 16 as group winners, Carlo Ancelotti was very satisfied at a press conference.

¿Jovic in the derby?

Luka Jovic he has played very well. He played a good game. If Karim is not well, he will play. We’ll see if Karim can be there, which I think is.

Luka Modric Status

“It is clear that Modric you have to rest. You now have five days to prepare for the next game. I think he makes a quiet life at home. They are players who have something special. Back they are pushing too (Valverde and Camavinga) and if one day they are tired, no problem “.

Team improvement

“We are doing well, especially in the defensive aspect. At an individual level, the games are very high. At the beginning we were with less commitment and now we have improved that.”

Winning streak

“The level of the team is very good. I do not want to ask for more. We are good, we are comfortable.”

Barcelona in the round of 16

“I don’t care if he qualifies or not FC Barcelona. I will watch the game because they are very interesting but the important thing is that we passed as first “.

Rodrygo or Asensio?

“They are both doing well. There are games that I like more Asensio and others Rodrygo because of the strategy we use against different rivals. Asensio he has scored an incredible goal. ”

Similarities with the year of La Décima

“We have a good atmosphere in the dressing room. We have the quality to win LaLiga and we have quality to compete. There is none who has the quality to win the Champions. There are some teams that are more intense than us but we have quality and commitment “.

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