He Numantia has described as “arbitrary” the decision adopted yesterday by the president of the League, Javier Thebes, and of “nothing accidental” the succession of communiqués, to resolve the conflict that arose after the suspension of the party Deportivo-Fuenlabrada.

“Numancia shows its stupor and outrage at this chain of actions that do not have any kind of legal accommodation and, above all, absolutely eliminate a principle such as the integrity of the competition,” he said in a statement Monday. .

The correct legal solution, according to the Soria club, was the repetition of day 42 of the second division of the 2019/2020 season, celebrating all the games at the same time, because otherwise there would be a adulteration of the competition, by several reasons.

He Numantia He recalled, in this sense, that it was agreed by the RFEF in circular 93 dated June 5, 2020, members of the League called the clubs announcing the suspension of the day before the celebration of the games, defended LaLiga as the solution in the meeting with the RFEF and the CSD before the game and it is what the RFEF and the CSD would have agreed if they had all the information.

The Soriano club has recognized that, for many reasons, it is difficult to carry out the repetition of the day but has denounced that the unilateral decisions of the President of the League in yesterday's statement represent a new adulteration of the competition, “which seriously affect to many of the clubs that today are the true owners of LaLiga. “

“On the other hand, the unilateral declarations of Javier Tebas Medrano in his private twitter account, in no case, may he be issuing in his capacity as president but in his capacity as a natural person, and therefore he will be personally responsible for said assumption of responsibility “, pointed out the club from Soria.

Likewise, the Numancia has considered that it is not reasonable nor does it do justice that whoever acknowledges having caused and be the only and last person responsible for the trip from Fuenlabrada to A Coruña, is whoever proposes the decisions to solve the problem caused by himself.

For this reason the Soria club has insisted that the RFEF and LaLiga bodies and also the Higher Sports Council must make a decision that is legal and fair, consisting of the celebration in the next season of a league of 24 teams and also adopt a satisfactory solution to start the promotion play-off as soon as possible, including all the teams affected by the suspension of the match Deportivo-Fuenlabrada.

Numancia, who requested in writing before facing Tenerife the dispute of their match at the same time that Deportivo-Fuenlabrada on Monday July 20, has warned that it reserves legal actions to defend its rights and those of its subscribers.