Newcastle have landed in the Premier like an elephant in a china shop, making a lot of noise. It is inevitable with a megaproject of these characteristics. The rest of the clubs, with the exception of City, due to the good relationship between owners, voted in favor of blocking new sponsorships that the magpies could sign. The objective is none other than to avoid financial advantages even greater than the own fortune that now supports them, a Saudi consortium led by Bin Salman through. However, it seems that on the banks of the River Tyne this initiative does not worry too much …

And it is that, the new owners of the entity are considering the sale of naming-rights (name rights) of St. James’ Park, Stadium toon, to a company in order to increase revenue and be able to haggle the limits set by the Financial Fair Play (FFP). This is how the Daily Mail, which adds that This initiative will not be carried out if it does not have the approval of the fans. Mike Ashley already carried out something similar in 2011, when he changed the nomenclature of the stadium to Sport Direct Arena (he is the owner of this sports store), and he met immediate opposition from fans, quickly backtracking.

Ask before acting

This time, to soften the impact, the intention is to keep St. James Park as part of the change, as well as the aforementioned consultation, in which the parishioners will be asked if they could live with a sponsored stadium if this implies an increase in Newcastle’s economic muscle and, therefore, makes them more competitive. The British newspaper points out that the company under consideration at the moment is a Saudi airline.

Newcastle Crest / Flag

In this way, it is understood that there is no concern about temporary blocking. The Mail He explains that at the club they are relaxed about it, since they consider that this arrangement is outside the law and will not be a threat in the long term. At the moment, it is in force during this month while the regulation of this new legislation is studied.

Mohammed Al-Jadaan, finance minister of Saudi Arabia, believes that the uproar has occurred because there is now one more rooster in the pen, something that the most powerful teams do not like. “I would say that they are worried about the competition between clubs, and particularly now that we have made the investment. It is a good sign that a new competitor arrives,” he argued in the CNBC. At the moment, the main headache in Newcastle is finding a replacement for Steve Bruce. Once the replacement is located, they will continue to cross things off the list of pending tasks with an eye, yes, in the regulation of the blockade …