The International Football Board (IFAB) recalled the entry into force since Monday of the new Laws of the Game 2020-21 and the option for the competitions to be resumed using these or those of last season, as well as allow five changes per team with three moments for substitutions.

Given the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, IFAB adopted these decisions and explained that in preparation for the return of competitions, they are authorized “to use the version of the Rules that will be used when the competition resumes, even if these matches are after June 1, 2020 ”.

“On May 8, 2020 a temporary amendment to Law 3 that allows high-level competitions to give their teams the option to use a maximum of five substitutes“Each team has three opportunities to make substitutions, in addition to the substitutions made at the half-time,” added the IFAB in a statement.

He also indicated that “The Laws of the Game 2020-21 are mandatory for friendly matches and competitions starting on or after June 1, 2020. “

“However, competitions that started before June 1, 2020 (including multi-year, qualifying matches and final tournaments) may apply the Rules before or delay their use until, at the latest, the beginning of the next competition ”, he specified.

News of the Laws of the Game 2020-21:

Referees will be seen on more occasions to consult the plays in the VAR monitors at the foot of the fieldSince the IFAB will urge them to come to check all subjective actions, it will be prohibited to take audios of the conversations of the members with the VOR room (Video Operation Room) and in the infringement by hand it is established that if the ball hits the shoulder it would not be an infringement, but if it hits the elbow down, the fault will be sanctioned.


– In the event that the attacker touch the ball by hand accidentally it will only carry a penalty if the play ends immediately in a goal or on a manifest occasion of a goal in favor of the attacker or his team. For example, if after touching the ball with your hand, the ball travels a very short distance or there are very few passes.

– In order to clearly determine the infringement by hand, the arm limit at the lower point of the armpit.


– If the goalkeeper infringes the Laws of the Game, but the ball does not enter the goal or bounce off the posts or the crossbar, launch will not be repeated as it has been done until now, unless the infringement by the goalkeeper clearly influenced the pitcher.

– If the goalkeeper is penalized and the shot is repeated, the goalkeeper will be warned for a first offense (during the match or on penalties) and will be admonished (yellow card) in case of committing more infractions.

Yellow cards displayed during the match (including overtime) will not be taken into account in the penalty shootout. If two yellow cards are shown to the same player, one during the match and the other in the penalty shoot-out, they will appear in the referee's record as two cards and not as expulsion (Red card).

– In the event that goalkeeper and penalty taker violate the Laws of the Game at the same time, the pitcher will be penalized.


– It will be necessary a single television signal to perform a review based solely on the VAR.

– Whenever the incident to be reviewed is subject to subjective considerations, the referee should review it on the monitor at the foot of the fieldThat is, to analyze the repetitions in the revision area.

– It has been agreed that competitions organized by FIFA must adhere to the VAR protocol for uniform application from next season.

– The International Board maintains that It is not necessary at this time facilitate access to the decision-making procedure, for example, allow listening to conversations between collegiates during the review of a play.

– In any case, they should improve existing communication methods to achieve a better understanding of the review procedure and the final decisions of the arbitrators.


The posts and the crossbar They may have profiles resulting from the combination of four basic shapes.

– The infraction by voluntary hand on the part of a defender will be considered voluntary action when determining the offside.

In the event that the goalkeeper plays the ball in an unregulated manner a second time after resuming the game, that is, before another player touches it, the corresponding one will be applied disciplinary sanction, even if he touched the ball that second time with his arm or hand.

– If the referee allows the execution of a quick free kick or grants an advantage after the commission of an infringement that interferes in a promising attack or ends up avoiding it, no yellow card will be shown.

– A player who does not respect the 4 meters mandatory distance will be cautioned with a yellow card when the referee signals the ball to the ground for an opponent.

– If in a goal kick or free kick, the goalkeeper lifts the ball towards a teammate, and this is given to him return with head or chest for the goalkeeper to pick it up, the service will be repeated, but the action will not have a disciplinary sanction, unless the infraction occurred repeatedly.


The International Board He also explained that the members agreed that the concept of the offside has the ultimate goal of promoting attacking football and achieving a greater number of goals. Consequently, they agreed on the need to analyze and review Rule 11. Offside with the intention of proposing changes that pursue this end. It also works to treat concussions and promote an attitude of Fair play on the pitch

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