The Atlético de Madrid passed over the Cadiz in the Metropolitan. 4-0, with goals from Llorente, Suarez and two of Joao Felix, who opened and closed the scoring, continuing the step forward he took a few weeks ago and leading the rojiblanco team. Now enjoy with the ball. And sacrifices without him. The mattresses go to the break up and with very good feelings.

The rojiblanco team came out warned by the trajectory of Cádiz, LaLiga's best visitor, with four wins in four trips. No relaxation. Looking for the rival goal from the first minute and with high pressure, it was seen that the mattress team wants to play something else. Closer to the rival area. Suarez, which is not to play against, obliges.

He did not have time for many more evaluations before Joao Felix do the first. Ledesma went wrong for a ball. He forgot to draw his fists and the ball slipped away. Llorente picked it up, and without rushing, saw Joao only at the far post. There he put it. And the Portuguese connected a precise header that he could not reach Negredo, from improvised doorman

Atlético did not lower the piston, which did not let Cádiz leave their field. He was looking to combine the Madrid team in the center and on the right. They were looking for the mattresses to Joao, which moved well between the lines. Herrera and Koke they gave speed to the ball in the middle and Llorente, to yours. To arrive. To insist. And to mark. Connected with him Trippier inside the area and after taking the ball by faith against a soft Alex Fernandez, shot at the door. Then Ledesma intervened again, for the worse, who could do much more so that the ball did not touch the net from the inside. 2-0 and the game, where they wanted Simeone.

However, and against what used to be usual and this season is becoming routine, Atlético kept the script. He combined against a Cádiz that was still closed in his area, activated to steal up after loss and continued looking at Ledesma. A goal disallowed to Saúl (not very active on the left) for offside by Trippier and a Chilean attempt of Suarez after a great pass from Joao they could sentence the game. The Andalusians tried a couple of times from afar. Without any danger.

Wanted to correct the situation Alvaro Cervera at half-time, making a double change to go on to play with three center-backs and two lanes. And although it seemed that Cádiz had cheered up, Luis Suarez brought him back to reality. Received from Koke and behind a wall with Joao, he was left alone before Ledesma. He defined perfectly with his left foot, although he had to wait a couple of minutes to celebrate because there was a VAR review. I was on the edge. By millimeters. But it was worth it. Boy, was it worth it.

Simeone retired to Llorente, who will live his first call with Spain, just after. Correa entered, which came out eager. Like Jairo, who soon wanted to surprise Oblak, which made its first stop of the night. At game time, it was Herrera (good performance) the one who had rest and left his place to Torreira. The crash was resolved. However, it was significant to see Joao running for a ball after losing it. It was not the first time he had. It looks like another. It is.


Atlético's carousel of changes continued. Suarez and Koke, to the bench. Lemar and Kondogbia, to field.

Debut of the former Valencia player, with 20 minutes ahead to adapt. In one of his first actions, he put a great ball deep into the Portuguese crack.

Atlético had dropped a gear. Logical, but the ‘new Joao’ kept pressing and asking his colleagues to accompany him. Correa was able to expand the account and Cádiz finally put Oblak in trouble, but the Slovenian wanted to add another door to zero. The one who scored again was Joao. A great pass from Torreira to Correa and a wonderful assistance from belt for Joao to control with his chest and beat Ledesma.

Great match, and another victory to go to bed co-leader with fewer games than the rest. And the best, unbeatable sensations. Like the ones that Joao Félix emanates.

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13 J. Oblak 1 J. Ledesma
2. 3 K. Trippier fifteen Akapo 46 '
fifteen S. Savić (19 P. Alcalá)
2 J. Gimenez 3 Fali
22 M. Beautiful 16 J. Cala
14 M. Llorente 55 ' 22 Pacha Espino 46 '
(10 TO. belt) (25 Jairo)
16 H. Herrera 62 ' 7 Salvi
(5 L. Torreira) 17 A. Fernandez 61 '
6 Koke 72 ' (eleven Pombo)
(4 G. Kondogbia) 2 J. Jønsson 72 '
8 Saul (5 graceful)
9 L. Suarez 71 ' 8 Alex
(eleven T. Lemar) 18 TO. Negredo
7 João Felix 9 A. Lozano 61 '
T.Diego Simeone T.Alvaro Cervera

Goals:(1-0) João Félix (8 '), (2-0) M. Llorente (22'), (3-0) L. Suárez (51 '), (4-0) João Félix (90')

Cards:L J. Jønsson (57 '), G. Kondogbia (85')L

Referee: Lamb Vega A.

Spectators: 0 in the Wanda Metropolitano

THE BEST The hunger of the Atético, who always looked for more, and Joao Félix
WORST Ledesma failed in Atlético's first two goals

Oblak; Trippier, Savic, Giménez, Mario Hermoso; Herrera (Torreira 62 '), Koke (Kondogbia 71'), Llorente (Correa 55 '), Saúl; Joao Félix and Luis Suárez (Lemar 71 ').

Ledesma; Akapo (Alcalá 46 '), Cala, Fali, Espino (Jairo 46'); Salvi, Augusto (Pombo 61 '), Jonsson (Garrido 71'), Alex Fernández; Lozano (Perea 61 ') and Negredo.

Goals: 1-0, min. 8, Joao Felix.

2-0, min. 22, Marcos Llorente.

3-0, min. 51, Luis Suarez.

4-0, min. 90, Joao Felix.

Referee: Cordero Vega (C. Cantabro). He admonished Saul, Kondogbia; Jonsson

Field: Metropolitan Wanda. No audience.