The impact on networks that the new cover of the daughter of the Infanta Elena invites to reflexion. Vic is the absolute protagonist of the fashion supplement for the fall season of Hola, on its 10th anniversary. With an impeccable pose and a sophisticated evening look that takes your breath away, the sister of Froilan with a famous “star in the fashion universe”. Nothing more and nothing less. Victoria Federica It is an icon of luxury and glamour.

The networks have been relentless: “Star of the universe in fashion? It will be in the metaverse”; “Aren’t there models who work hard every day to be on the cover?” The debate is already open. The it royalwho did not want to be an influencer (as he confessed in what was his first media interview, in the magazine Elle), has focused her career on modeling and on the covers. It was to be expected that, after professionalizing her image, her trajectory would continue along this path.

Some days ago, we published that the granddaughter of the emeritus kings has been hired by the fashion firm Hoss Intropia as the image of its new campaign. Hoss Intropia belongs to a very powerful textile group, Tendam, which includes well-known firms such as Cortefiel, Women Secret, Springfield, Pedro el Hierro, OOTO and Slowlove, among others.