The networks make fun of Terelu and his “pijerío” after showing off a Christmas tree: “It goes a long way”

The eldest daughter of María Teresa Campos, Have him, He is receiving an avalanche of criticism on his social networks after he shared this Wednesday that a flower company has set up the Christmas tree in his house.

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“The Christmas tree that Blooms Flores y Eventos has put me at home is wonderful! Thank you. Cheer up if you want to decorate your house these holidays,” he wrote on his Instagram profile along with some photographs of the result.

In the opinion of his followers, more than 300,000, what the mother of Alexandra Rubio either “by paying” or “by advertising” it is a “pijerío”, since the Christmas tradition of setting it up and decorating it as a family has been skipped.

“My goodness… they even do that to her… I remember a while ago she was whining because she couldn’t make ends meet”; “You are full of illusion, right? Having to pay to have your tree decorated is a pity…”; “The tree is crooked. Then he says that he has no money, although since he advertises the house, they will surely leave it for free,” are some of the comments that can be read in the presenter’s publication.

Christmas in the Fields

This year, the Campos clan is suffering the estrangement of Carmen Borrego and her son José María after the controversial audios of his daughter-in-law, Paola Olmedo, cutting off the family. What should be one of the happiest Christmases after learning that Carmen will become a grandmother, and María Teresa a great-grandmother, next year, has become a horror for the veteran journalist’s little girl. “I hope that the future unites us because I do not even want to consider that my grandson is born and I am not there by her side,” Carmen said through tears this Wednesday in Save me.