“The mother did not warn her that she would talk about the pregnancy on television”

The pregnancy of the young talk show host has turned the Campos family upside down. Joy, surprise, concern, excitement… and also tension. Because Alejandra Rubio He was not happy that his mother sat on the set of From Friday just two days after its exclusive on Hello to talk about her daughter’s pregnancy and they also claim that she didn’t even tell her: “Alejandra found out that her mother was going to TV for a ‘promo’ of the program itself.”

Alejandra assured last Tuesday in This is life that her mother had notified her of her interview the same day through a WhatsApp message and noted: “She doesn’t have to ask me for permission, she can do whatever she wants.” But according to TardeARthings didn’t happen exactly like this: “The daughter covered for the mother and Terelu lied. She did not tell Alejandra, she found out that her mother would talk about her pregnancy on television when she saw a Telecinco promotion”said Marisa Martín Blázquez. “Alejandra got very angry”has added.

Terelu was quick to deny the news. Very, very angry, she denied that she did not warn Alejandra, she denied that her daughter knew about her presence in From Friday for a ‘promo’ and has denied that there was any anger between them. “She can say what she wants, but I stand by my information,” Marisa responded.

The truth is that these are not easy days for Alejandra nor for Terelu. Both have found themselves in the eye of the hurricane for marketing the news of the pregnancy when just a few months ago they were categorical with their respective statements: “I will never sell my private life” (the first one said) and “It is not up to me to talk about my daughter’s life” (the second). Her decision is legitimate and respectable, her contradictions not so much. Many have accused the youngest of the Campos sisters of “arrogance”, who went so far as to compare herself to her grandmother, and she has given her a hard time: “I am ashamed of my colleagues.”