The 54 points from Mallorca, followed by 52 of Espanyol, and with Almería and Leganés splitting 49 each one, even the Sporting de Gijón on the prowl with 46, are constituting the fight for the highest direct promotion in the history of Segunda. At least, since the current format, in which the first two classifieds go up to First and the third place in contention is settled through a promotion.

Mallorca Shield / Flag

While is true that there were two leaders with more points at this point than Mallorca -like the 58 from Elche in the 2012-13 season or from Levante in 2016-17-, and that Espanyol equals Celta's 52 in the 2011-12 campaign (which rose with 85 points), what marks the chastity of this fight without quarter is the bedroom classified, whose record on matchday 26 was held by Valladolid with 48 points, on up to two occasions: the financial years 2011-12 and 2014-15. In other words, jFurthermore, under the current format, they had agglutinated the 204 points among the first four of the table that are distributed now, when there are still 16 days at stake.

Espanyol Shield / Flag

One of the main involved, the Espanyol coach, Vicente Moreno, thus reasoned this equality on Tuesday in Catalunya Ràdio: “There two teams that fell ahead of us and that have improved the squad. If you add Rayo, Sporting or Almería, which are powerful, a struggle to achieve the goal was foreseeable. It does not surprise me“Not surprisingly, with his current 52 points, the parakeet would lead in six of the last ten seasons.

Shield / Flag Almería

Even the Almería and Leganés, right now out of that direct ascent, would rank first in the standings in two of the previous seasons – 2013-14, in which Eibar led with 45 points, and 2015-16, in which Alavés led with 48– and they would match with the head precisely in the last two: 49 he wore Albacete in 2018-19 and also Cádiz last year.

Leganés Shield / Flag

Equality is so manifest that, as explained at the beginning, At any time, Sporting can join the battle, which this Sunday will face Espanyol in El Molinón. Even Rayo Vallecano, although with 41 points it has been somewhat unsettled. A direct promotion that is and promises to remain exciting.

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