They have never been seen together, but they are united by a great love. We talk about the love that Inigo Onieva feels for one of the most special people in his life, his underage brother, both with the same father, another Inigo Onievabut senior, are children born to different mothers.

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Guillermo He is a boy who is adored by his three brothers, Íñigo, Alejandra y Jaime, and lives in Mexico with his father and his second wife. The three older brothers came into the world during a first marriage with Carolina Molas and they reside in the Madrid capital with their mother.

Very little is known about the sentimental curriculum of Íñigo junior, apart from Tamarahis other romantic relationship was with a girl named Lucy, with whom he still maintains a friendly relationship. What we have no record of is that that love story was also broken by some infidelity on the part of what some have ironically baptized as “the villain of Spain”, a nickname, perhaps, somewhat exorbitant and that does not fit reality . But, the media effect has made him the most unfaithful of the unfaithful. And above all his lie, later recognized in writing in a statement to frame, or to forget, depending on how you look at it.

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The youngest of the Onievas, that is, Guillermo, was aware of his brother’s courtship with a marquise, and asked their father if she was a real aristocrat and if she had a lot of fame in Spain, come on, if she is very known. She now she doesn’t care.