Manolo Sanchez, Málaga's second coach, starred in the press conference prior to Thursday's game against Girona to refresh Sergio Pellicer, who on Tuesday announced his departure from Malaga on June 30. The young technician was mostly questioned about this question. “We have been together for many years and we go hand in hand in any project, whether in the first team, in the subsidiary or youth. Anywhere. I also owe myself to the people who, being so young, have given me the opportunity to continue growing, apart from the excellent friendship we have. It is a professional and personal matter ”.

Ties with Pellicer. “We are united by a very great professional and personal relationship. I am always at the disposal of the coach's decisions. Being from home is obviously a very difficult, personal decision. There is no other reason for this end of the cycle. For me, in that sense, it is a difficult decision for having grown up in the club that gave me the opportunity to move forward, and more so being from here. It is the club of my life, the same as for the coach. It's a shame, the most important thing is that the club is in good hands. A good dynamic has been generated, a much-needed stability. The most important thing is that the club is in good hands, a good dynamic has been generated “

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Three days still pendings. “The players want to finish well in the rose garden, to keep competing. Go for it all. We face tomorrow's game at La Rosaleda trying to go for the three points. These players deserve it, we deserve to end the year in a good dynamic. The club, the fans … what better tribute for this squad than to say goodbye with points, with good dynamics. They are on the road because they want to show that all this that has been achieved is not the result of chance but of perseverance, work and sacrifice “

How has the dressing room taken over Pellicer's decision? “The group has understood it perfectly, there is no doubt. From my point of view we can only thank you for this year and a half, not only to this group but also to the previous one. They did everything they could to give that performance, which is what has given the club the stability to keep going. Even face new projects and challenges to make Malaga a much better one. Thank any employee, gardeners, cleaners, sports management, communication … they are the basis for this has been a raft of tranquility. They also deserve it ”.

About Girona. “He has been doing things very well for a long time. The team has found that 3-5-2 or 5-3-2- and has hit the key. They come from a good dynamic. They continue to dream of the playoff, in the last three games they have been six set pieces. A very physical team that competes very well. He has individual quality and always knows how to compete. It generates very good transitions, we are prepared for what we are going to find. They have an eleven of great quality, to make things very difficult ”.

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The hours before Pellicer. “It was a very difficult decision for him. For me too, I am in good times and bad. He was suffering, having a hard time. His family is from Malaga, it is not easy to face this decision. It feels a lot, when you live it at home you realize what it transmits. It is a decision that has had to be considered, knowing the disadvantages and advantages. It has been thought for the good of the club, now we are going to face these matches with the greatest possible enthusiasm so that it will be a beautiful ending ”.

Rumors that place Manolo Sánchez in the future coaching staff of Oviedo. “As far as I know there is absolutely nothing with anyone. We have to finish the best possible, we deserve to finish the league adding. We are focused on what we have to be focused on and not get into distractions. We have to respect the profession and the joint decision. You have to leave the club as high as possible, which is the best for absolutely everyone ”.