Rafa Nadal's thirteenth title at Roland Garros made the sports world vibrate with a new victory for the Balearic tennis player on the clay of Paris. As soon as the game ended, several figures from world sport surrendered to the new conquest of Rafa Nadal in Paris.

One of the most effusive was Iker Casillas, who showed his admiration for Nadal's game during the match (Gif of Joey from Friends included) to later congratulate the Balearic with a photo of Nadal celebrating the victory and the comment “Incredible Rafa !! Legend”.

The Spanish footballer also celebrated the triumph of Nadal Sergio Ramos, which he wrote on his social networks. “Legend and inspiration for any goal in life. Discoverer of limits that do not exist. At your feet Rafa Nadal. Congratulations!” next to the hashtag #VamosRafa.

One of the most special congratulations for Nadal, in addition to the emotional letter from Roger Federer, was that of his friend Pau Gasol, who celebrated Nadal's victory in this way on social networks. “With this exhibition you take your 13th Roland Garros … and there are already 20 Grand Slams in your pocket to match Federer. You are very big, the word Legend is already beginning to fall short of you !!!!”. Another Spanish sports legend, Fernando Alonso, also congratulated Nadal on his triumph. “Huge”, The Asturian wrote next to a photo of the Balearic. Another NBA figure like Nadal also amazed with Nadal's triumph. Dirk Nowitzki. “100-2 !!! ¿13 titles ??? Rey Rafa” expressed the German.

The Spanish tennis player Garbiñe Muguruza, who also knows what it is to win Roland Garros, also celebrated Nadal's victory with this message “Enooorme Rafa Nadal !!” next to the hashtag #Legend (legend). Another figure of Spanish women's tennis also added to the congratulations, Carla Suarez. “Congratulations Rafa Nadal for the example for everyone. You are doing something more than history.” Another champion of women's tennis, Simona halepHe also did not want to forget Nadal's title. “Congratulations Rafa. You are an example for everyone in our sport and the best we have seen. And most importantly, a great person. All my respect.” The Polish also celebrated the triumph Iga Swiatek, champion of the women's team at Roland Garros, who was very excited to see her name written next to that of the Balearic in the record: “Congratulations Rafa Nadal” It is incredible to share this experience with you. Can I even say this? “

They also congratulated Nadal on his triumph Mireia Belmonte and Carolina Marín. The swimmer wrote on her social networks. “Congratulations Rafa Nadal on your thirteenth Roland Garros! Once again, an example for everyone!” For his part, Marín highlighted: “The only thing that does not change in 2020 is Rafa Nadal winning at Roland Garros!” next to the hashtag #VamosRafa

The golfer Sergio garcia He also wanted to join in the congratulations with this message. “Congratulations to my friend Rafa Nadal on his victory at Roland Garros, his twentieth Grand Slam title. Rafa's great game and tournament !!!”

The authorities and political institutions also surrendered to the triumph of Nadal. The Casa Real congratulated the Balearic Islands in this way. “13 out of thirteen! Always Rafa, Spain with you at the top!” The President of the Government also congratulated the Balearic Pedro Sanchez. “Rafa, you have done it again! Your XIII Roland Garros and XX Grand Slam take you to a unique terrain. Only you know the way. Today you make millions of fans happy again who have lived this new victory with you. # Come on Rafa! Congratulations! “ The PSOE also did not skimp on praise for Nadal after his victory in Paris. “You have done them again. You have made us vibrate again. Today you win the 13th Roland Garros cup. Your victories in Paris and the 20th Grand Slam are already 100. Without words champion. Impressive. You are from another planet. Congratulations Rafa Nadal! GREAT “, next to the hashtag #VamosRafa. The mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida he also congratulated Nadal on his victory. “Rafa is the best example as an athlete and, more importantly, as a person. Absolute record of Roland Garros. There are already 13 … without fear of the number. Come on Rafa !!”

Another of the curious congratulations for Nadal came from the National Police. “Rafa's thing at Roland Garros … And he continues to surpass himself … because effort, passion and perseverance lead him to be a champion on and off the track. Congratulations !! You are an example of SPORTS Very proud of you, Rafa Nadal. “ The singer also added to the congratulations Alejandro Sanz. “I've never wanted a number 13 so much. Come on Rafa,” he wrote before the game to write after Nadal's triumph. “100 victories. 13 salad bowls. We are lucky testogos of perfection with racket in hand. Really, THANK YOU Rafa. Come on Rafa.” Others, like the eSports storyteller Ibai Llanos they were even more forceful. “Rafa Nadal is a mental moron”.

More congratulations to Nadal

Fernando Verdasco: “Best athlete in history Rafa Nadal !! Congratulations once again … and it's already 13 …”

Feliciano López: “It's incredible what you just achieved Rafa Nadal !! Nothing can beat you at Roland Garros”

Rod Laver: “Congratulations to the King of the Earth Rafa Nadal. Winning 13 Grand Slam in Paris is extraordinary. It was an ideal Grand Slam final for a challenging year. You are an inspiration, Rafa, kind and great. I toast to your 20 majors”

Pablo Cuevas: “An advance Nico Almagro” (recalling the prophecy of Murcia in 2008, when he said “He will win Roland Garros 40 years in a row. He will be 65 years old and he will continue to win Roland Garros”).

Almagro himself before the final: “There are things that a pandemic does not change either … DON Rafael Nadal again one step away from taking over Paris. Instead of giving him the trophy, I would give him the Eiffel Tower directly and let him put it in his garden at home (whatever what happens in the final) “

Roberto Bautista: “Unsurpassed Rafa Nadal “, along with 13 trophy emojis for as many titles as Nadal has at Roland Garros.

Jaume Munar: “Legend. Thanks Rafa Nadal”


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