Real Madrid has a dilemma around the figure of Eder Militao. The Brazilian central defender arrived in the summer of 2019 as a very strong bet by the white club, which paid 50 million euros to Porto to hire his services. He was then, and still is, the most expensive defender in the history of Real Madrid. However, a season and a half later, the landscape is not what Madrid expected: Militao has barely played 224 minutes this season and has not been on the pitch since October 31, in the victory at home against Huesca (4-1). He has barely played three games this year and, unfortunately, two were defeats in Valdebebas against Shakhtar (2-3) and Cádiz (0-1).

Zidane defined Militao last year as the “third center-back” of the white squad, a surprising statement from a coach who does not usually refer individually about his players so as not to create comparative grievances. At that time, he did it with a Nacho who automatically went to fourth place despite his long service record; The youth squad, once again, had to row to gain Zidane's trust, something that has happened again this season, in which he is already close to 800 minutes, triple that of Militao. Zidane wanted to give weight to the club's bet in the first season, but over time he has ended up shooting for the player who most fills his eye. And that was not Militao.

And in this circumstance, the winter market arrives and Tottenham de Mourinho arrives. Setúbal's coach He has asked his club to ask Madrid for the loan of Militao to reinforce the Spurs' rear, in the middle of the fight for the Premier title. According to the 'Express', there have already been contacts between both entities in relation to the possibility of the loan until the end of the course, which causes the aforementioned dilemma at Real Madrid: Militao yes or Militao no.

On the one hand, in Madrid they are assuming that the bet on the Brazilian central defender may not have been adequate; The enormous price paid by the central defender weighs on him, as happened in his day with other defenders such as Pepe or Ramos, but both ended up justifying the bet with qualities and a lot of character. Militao's qualities are seen, sometimes; character is something else, he only has a great game in San Mamés as proof that the white shirt it is not going great. If the Brazilian is not going to make a career in Madrid, at least it is in the club's interest that he play so that he revalues ​​himself and that some club take an interest in him to recover part of the investment made (a minimal part, in any case; the pandemic has changed the rules of the market game).

Many advantages, one big drawback

Thus, an eventual transfer to Tottenham, where he can play regularly and have exposure at a global European level, It could be good both to revalue his figure and to gain confidence for a third season in white in which, this time yes or yes, justify the investment made by him. If the English club takes over its entire file, which would not be a problem in principle, it can be a very advantageous operation for all parties. Although it has a great drawback.

The Real Madrid squad only has four centrals: Ramos, Varane, Nacho and Militao. Subtracting one of those four names could lead to problems in the coming months, especially if either of the two starters is injured. It has happened more than once with Ramos and the strength of the team suffered enormously. Madrid is worried about the economy, with a recently approved budget that expects to lose 91 million euros (It is necessary to agree on the salary reduction with the staff to alleviate those red numbers), so if Militao leaves it is unlikely that it will go to the market. The main option would be to pull the quarry, especially Víctor Chust, a central defender of Castilla. Zidane, for his part, has asked that players not be removed, but that was also going for Jovic and his transfer to Eintracht Frankfurt is already practically a fact …