Atlético de Madrid
He has already had several Mexican players in his history. Hugo Sánchez, Luis García Postigo, Raúl Jiménez, Héctor Herrrera …. But someone else could have.

A whole legend like Benjamin Galindo, a reference in Aztec football in the 80s and an institution in Chivas of Guadalajara, could also have done it. At least he explained it recently himself.

Some European clubs wanted him in the mid-1980s, among them the Atlético de Madrid, as the former player himself revealed that the then president of the Chivas, Marcelino García Paniagua, prevented his departure towards the capital of Spain.

Benjamin Galindo, former soccer player for Chivas de Guadalajara.
Benjamin Galindo, former soccer player for Chivas de Guadalajara.

“TO Europe I was able to go just when I got to Chivas, we play a match against Tecos that we won 5-1 and there it was Paco Casal, a promoter (player agent), with Don Marcelino (García Paniagua) ”, he said‘Teacher’To the‘ Herd Leaders ’program.

“And I remember that in that game they said (to Casal): ‘Sold on 8 and 17’, which were the Chepo de la Torre and the Yayo de la Torre. ‘I want 9’ (said the promoter). In the end he spent eight days begging Don Marce and no. I am already introduced (to Cassault) and chatted with him. He says: ‘I want to take you to or Sporting de Gijón or at Atlético de Madrid, but you can get the pass. ’”

The footballer went to speak twice with Marcellin
Paniagua to ask him to let him fulfill his dream of trying himself on Europe. “I was saying‘ bring yourself to Manolo Negrete'To anyone to let me go. I said ‘let me go, I sign you blank and go back to Chivas if I can't stay in a year, “the player assured in a story picked up by the newspaper‘Halftime’.


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