Kiko Matamoros (66) y Marta Lopez Alamo (26) said ‘yes, I want’ this Friday, June 2 in the Basilica of San Miguel, Madrid, and they celebrated it at the Ritz Hotel with a party in style. On Saturday morning they left the majestic hotel full of joy and, at night, they went to dinner with some friends of the bride who had come to the capital only for her wedding with the Tertullian of Save me.

After everything they have experienced, they have left a message of gratitude on their social networks this Sunday: “Thank you all for so many expressions of affection. Friday was an unforgettable and magical day. Thanks to the professionals and Lectures especially for his titanic work. Our double gratitude to all those anonymous people who came to the Basilica to be with us,” she wrote, along with an image after passing through the altar.

“I’m happy, I’m very happy,” the model has also said in her stories. After four years of relationship, they have turned a deaf ear to criticism for their age difference to unite their lives for the Church. Matamoros married Makoke in 2016, but they did it civilly, so she has not had any inconvenience or need to request a marriage annulment.

Among the absences, precisely the daughter of Matamoros with makoke, Anita, who has not been related to his father since the last few years. Her relationship went wrong as a result of the relationship between her father and the model, with whom she even came to star in a notorious confrontation on social networks in 2020.

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This Monday the new exclusive of the protagonists will go on sale, who already dressed as boyfriends two days before the wedding on the cover of Lectures. However, the model was pushed into the background due to Makoke’s surprising exclusive, occupying the main part of the cover. “Kiko is climbing the walls,” a close source told us.