The Christmas fling between the former civil guard and the model during a party for the Unicorn producer continues to bring a tail. And it is that after overcoming the marital crisis with Alice Penamother of his four children, Jorge Perez and his wife have made a surprising decision: to move to the town where he lives Alba Carrillo.

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The tertuliana herself revealed it this Friday: “She is going to move to live in my town. A friend who has rented her house told me. We are going to be neighbors, we are going to meet in the park.” She, of course, has no problem: “He disappointed me as a person, but I don’t have any kind of acrimony or anything towards him. It’s over and I could perfectly meet him again without a problem.” Alba laughs at the situation: “We are going to be neighbors, and if I saw him I would say ‘hi, how are you?’

An inexplicable decision by the couple given their bad relationship with Feliciano López’s ex, who led Jorge Pérez to include a clause in his last television contract so as not to coincide in the Mediaset studios with Alba. The former civil guard reappeared after months of absence on the set of Déjate querer, the Paz Padilla program (which this week has been canceled due to low audience) and later Survivors: Honduras Connection, the program presented by Ion Aramendi on Sundays and in the one who shares the set with Kiko Matamoros or Isa Pi.