On Sunday the Clásico, Barcelona-Real Madrid arrives at the Camp Nou at 4:15 p.m., a match that usually defines the seasons of both teams and that last year clearly marked the path and career of Lucas Vázquez. The Galician, a probable starter on the right side of Real Madrid (it will depend on whether Ancelotti wants a more offensive alternative or pulls Nacho to contain Ansu Fati), began to win the renewal of white on October 24, 2020 at the Camp Nou, just a year before the imminent duel.

That Clásico (Madrid’s 1-3 win) was started by Lucas on the bench. With Carvajal injured, Zidane chose Nacho to protect the right wing, but after 43 minutes he had to withdraw the alcalaíno due to muscular problems. With no natural options among the substitutes, the Frenchman chose Lucas. And the Galician, despite the inexperience in the position, left: perfectly contained the attacks of Barcelona and was in itself one more offensive solution, joining a lot and with danger. He served two balls that did not end in a goal due to the intervention of goalkeeper Neto, one for Sergio Ramos and the other for Kroos.

Lucas, during Real Madrid-Barcelona.

So satisfied was Zidane with Lucas’ performance that, for the rest of the season, he practically did not return to attack and almost always acted as a defender. Curiously, his progression was cut off in the other Clásico, in Valdebebas on April 10 (2-1 for Madrid). He was being one of the best and he assisted Benzema to make it 1-0 from the heel, but a strong entry from Busquets forced him to ask for the change and did not allow him to play that course again. However, the seed had already been planted.

Madrid renewed Lucas side

Lucas ended his contract in June 2021 and the negotiations for his renewal started with many difficulties. Madrid made an initial offer to the downside that the Galician rejected, which gave way to a tense calm, awaiting events. However, his game at the Camp Nou and the subsequent development of the course were vital for Madrid to decide to raise the offer, substantially: five million net per year, minus the 10% that the club asked the dressing room to balance the accounts in the face of the impact of COVID-19. Lucas signed until 2024.

And it is that the main doubt in Real Madrid was in its overpopulation of attackers: together with Lucas, the squad has Bale, Hazard, Vinicius, Rodrygo, Asensio … All band men with greater projection, by age, than the Galician. But his conversion to full-back on a good footing convinced the club that he was the best alternative to compete for the position with Carvajal, who also has a dangerous tendency to muscle injuries. Lucas began to win his new contract in white at the Camp Nou, against all odds.