First ceremony for the lady cadet Leonor de Borbón in La General: the delivery of sabers. In this act, the Princess of Asturias received a saber from a second-year student, which symbolizes “the camaraderie and guardianship” that must exist between “a veteran and a new student,” according to the General Military Academy of Saragossa. Along with Leonor, the 612 classmates have participated. The Casa del Rey has distributed the images of this first act this Tuesday the 19th in the afternoon.

Through this ceremony, the number one cadets of the class have given speeches in which they have highlighted their life of service, dedication and dedication in military life, as well as their commitment to becoming future Army Officers.

The delivery of sabers symbolizes for Leonor the title of lady cadet. An appointment that was granted on September 5, at the request of the acting Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, and after deliberation by the Council of Ministers, as reported by the BOE. The military career of the heiress is regulated in article 2, section 2, of Royal Decree 173/2023 of March 14.

Since joining La General on August 17, Leonor joined the I Cadet Battalion and spent the training period. Throughout these weeks, the students carried out marches, topographical tours, shooting exercises with the 3.3 kilo HK assault rifle and steps along the combat track, as published by the Official Command of Training and Doctrine (MADOC) in its official X account with the labels of the AGM of Zaragoza and the Army. Afterwards, she entered the two-week Reception, Orientation and Adaptation Module to military life (MAOA).

The Princess’s next act, after the presentation of sabers, will be the Flag Oath on October 7. With a kiss on her insignia, the daughter of Felipe VI and Letizia will express her oath and promise to defend Spain, even at the cost of her own life.