The life of Tita Cervera’s twins far from the media spotlight: in Andorra

Sweet day for Baroness Thyssen. Her twin daughters, Carmen and Sabinawill turn 18 this Saturday, July 6th. This Friday we were able to see Carmen for the first time at a public event, representing her mother, to inaugurate an exhibition in Sant Feliu de Guíxols. Of course, having come of age, the ‘girls’ will soon embark on their own path after having finished their high school studies in Andorra.

On this day in 2006, and four years after the death of her husband, Aunt Cervera gave birth to the twins via surrogacy. Two years later, she presented them publicly with a well-deserved exclusive, although she always wanted to keep them out of the media noise. And the fact is that they have barely appeared in the media except on the occasional cover. In May of this year, Carmen wanted to accompany her mother when a fashion magazine awarded her an award coinciding, moreover, with her birthday.

However, the mystery of who the girls’ father is remains to this day. The Baroness herself stated the following: “My daughters already know who their father is”. It should be remembered that in September 2020, Telecinco suggested that the twins’ father could be their brother Borja, as they bear a great resemblance to him. Of course, if what Mediaset hinted at is true, we would be faced with another situation in which the Baroness’s son would also be the father of his ‘sisters’.

However, the first few months of their lives were spent on the Costa Brava, one of the baroness’ favourite ‘refuges’, as well as Mallorca and Ibiza, where they usually spend a few days each summer. There they lived in Mas Mañanas, a family estate with a luxurious three-storey house. Shortly afterwards, mother and daughters moved to Villa Favorita (Switzerland) in a 35,000 square metre estate, the residence of Baron Heinrich Thyssen-Bornemisza, father of Tita’s late husband. After a time in the tax haven, they moved to Andorra, where the twins have grown up far from the media noise with their mother, their greatest support.

Although if there is another person who has been essential in the lives of the daughters of the baroness, that has been Guillermo Cerveranephew and confidant of her. Guillermo has lived in Andorra for years and when Tita had to travel for her work projects, he took care of the girls. Although the relationship between Borja Thyssen and his mother has gone through many ups and downs, even more so after the commotion generated by the statements about Tita’s inheritance, his son also maintains a close relationship with the twins, with whom he is one year younger than her.

The twins’ hobbies

Carmen and Sabina have been practicing ballet since they were four years old. However, music is another of their great passions: they play the piano, the cello and have taken singing classes. Of course, they are also fans of great renowned artists such as Taylor Swift or Dua Lipa.

Now, after completing her studies, Carmen, who was named after her mother and maternal grandmother and who has always been very diligent, will study Business Administration and International Relations at a prestigious university in Madrid. On the other hand, her sister Sabina will opt for a career related to the artistic side.