One of the big doubts about the game that the
Atlético de Madrid
will dispute before the Leipzig next day 13 in LisbonIt will be who or who occupy the positions in the front. Right now, the Cholo You have several options to play that role in one of the most important games of the season.

Simeone He has already begun to give some clues about what he has in mind, not in terms of tactical exercises but with some performed by lines. In this sense, the attack front that would have the most options would be the one formed by Marcos Llorente and Diego Costa.

But what is the pair of forwards that the fans demand for the appointment of Lisbon? MD wanted to press the opinion of the mattress fans and some conclusions can be given. For starters, it is not exactly the one that followers like the most.

The couple preferred by the fans for the date would be the one formed by Álvaro Morata and frames
Llorente, which was voted by almost 40% of the people. The second most attractive for fans is the one formed by Joao Félix and Diego Costa, which received the support of 20.4%. The third in order of preference, consisting of frames
Llorente and Joao
Felix, a couple on the other hand unpublished.

Of the four players he has Simeone to form at the point of attack, you will not necessarily have to choose only two of them to start because in the case of Joao
Felix or frames
Llorente It is not the first time that they have been playing in a band. Although in the case of Madrid, it seems that his importance has reached him in that position of second point with which everything points to that, if he were a starter, he would be along with another striker.

Be that as it may, what it seems today is that Llorente is practically fixed for Simeone. His return from the break was superlative. He had minutes in all the games, eight of them starting, with two goals and four assists. And with brutal performances as before Osasuna, Levante, Mallorca, Getafe

For his part, Costa played 542 minutes after the break, 10 games, six of them starting. With three goals and two assists. Álvaro Morata was the top scorer on the team's lap, he had minutes in every game (479 minutes), but only six as a starter, four goals and one assist.

The one with the least presence of the four was Joao Félix but he was also injured and missed several calls. All in all, seven games out of 11, just 338 minutes, four starts and two goals, both against Osasuna.

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