Plaid miniskirts are back in style and Mod Wave Movement has the perfect designs for this season. Accompanied by removable belts, these minis manage to be exclusive and original, taking school skirts to a more candid and modern extreme.

To the length that is actually short, the boards type College and the belts, a top-trend detail is added: the side accessory bag that can also be removed.

The colors they have are basic and infallible: black, gray and white, easy to combine with any top of another color or even the same to wear a look monocolor. You can combine it with any MWM sweater or sweatshirt to get a great look!

As for the fabrics, the skirts are made of top quality cloth or crepe, like all MWM garments. The shape they have with the boards makes them comfortable and they fit perfectly with the necessary flare to give it a more touch. chic.

We have already begun to see them on the street, in video clips and even in photos of our fashion references, so they will be a must this season.

Bring back the uniform miniskirts and show off your legs in winter to be the most daring!