Atlético de Madrid
will have reinforcements for the derby of the next domination against him Real Madrid. Diego Pablo Simeone finally he will be able to count on one of the key players for him, and whom he has not been able to get hold of in the last month and a half.

Obviously we are talking about Kieran trippier. The English player has finally ended the sanction to which he was subjected by the English Federation (FA) for having participated in sports betting, something prohibited by the sports authorities of the country.

A sanction that was ten weeks, although thanks to a precautionary measure that achieved the Athletic in FIFA, the English international was able to participate in a match. However, as soon as the international body ratified the decision of the British federation, Simeone ran out of him. And his absence has been a drama.

It was no coincidence that the full-back linked each and every minute in the first 17 games of the season, until he was able to rest in the first round of Cups, against the Cardassar. For him Cholo there was no color. It was the side that best interpreted the 5-3-2. Without discussion. In fact, the only pure lane to make a hole in the eleven. Neither I gave it do not Vrsaljko they were able to emulate him. And in the case of the left back, the Argentine coach preferred to place Carrasco or Saul there before the Brazilian. Quite a sign.

And on the right, a bit the same in the absence of Trippier for 12 games. Vrsaljko it was not the solution, with some physical problems and irregular performances. In this section he only started six games and only completed three of them. Simeone had to improvise with Marcos Llorente placeholder image of lane, with the loss that supposed to sacrifice his power, depth and overflow, of the Madrilenian in the center of the field.

It is curious because in all this journey of these last games since his sanction was known, the Athletic he only failed to concede in two games. And in one of them, before him Seville, he was for the precautionary.


It is understood that this next Sunday, Simeone You should be able to count on it without problems. At least it is no longer sanctioned. But another thing is how you are physically. That is the last toll the English player will have to pay before returning.

And it is ten weeks without being able to compete. At first, the sanction included not being able to train with the team, but it is something that he has been able to do on a regular basis in this section of the season. Of course, it lacks the competitive point.

However, the coaching staff designed a specific, personalized plan for him so that the impact of those ten weeks is as low as possible on his return. In the last two weeks, there are quite a few full-back sessions with special work for him.

That the player wants to be the best possible on his return is something that is seen in things like that he was one of the few who attended this Tuesday, according to the cameras of ‘The sixth', To train on the team's day off. So did the Uruguayan Jose Maria Gimenez, recovering from a muscle injury, or French Thomas lemar, who suffered a blow to the Villarreal.