The last official Athletic title dates back to the summer of 2015. In August, Barcelona began to talk about the challenge for Luis Enrique's team to sign a new sextet. The lions ended up with a bang with the Barça illusion.

The 2014-2015 Super Cup was the consequence of having lost the Cup final months before against the Culé squad at the Camp Nou itself. That 3-1 defeat did not prevent, in any case, that Bilbao could face Barça itself weeks later, at the time League and Cup champion. If the regulations had been similar to those prevailing in the 1983-84 campaign, this 2015 trophy would no longer rest in the showcases of the San Mamés museum.

Athletic, champion of the League and Cup in the 83-84 campaign, was also directly proclaimed champion of the Super Cup. No need to compete against anyone. For its hegemony in both competitions.

Going back to that summer of 2015, the night of August 8 was rainy and cold in San Mamés. The Athletic fans did, however, enjoy one of the best matches for the lions in their current stadium. A marvelous and brilliant performance by the rojiblancos with Aduriz, their killer, on a stellar basis.

San José was, however, in charge of breaking hostilities with a Vaseline lady on Ter Stegen from very close to the center of the field. His teammate took over after rounding out the night with another three house-brand goals. Ecstasy in Bilbao.

Three days later it was time to face the return in a soulless Camp Nou. The 4-0 in the first leg, however, made a good number of fans decide to go to the Barça stadium. There was a reasonable doubt, yes, if Messi was going to be able to do one of his.

The 10 of Barça, like the rest of his teammates, had to surrender to the evidence. Aduriz, just in case, scored his goal at the Camp Nou, certifying the global triumph of the lions.

Bilbao took to the streets the next day. Reception at the Town Hall and the Provincial Council with a convertible bus as a means of transport between one institution and another. A good way to get rid of the spine for the Super Cups lost in 1982-83 and 2008-2009.


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