The largest Lefties (Inditex) in Spain opens in Madrid: cafeteria, pets and smart fitting rooms

Starting next Friday, Montera street in the capital (one of the most central) will have a new attraction: the largest Lefties in Spain with 4,000 square meters. The giant Inditex has thrown the house out of the window to create a new space where fashion and technology go hand in hand: smart fitting rooms, autonomous carousels and an Easy Pay system, among many other things.

The Lefties Digital Store Montera Madridwhich will be inaugurated on the 9th, has various screens to view the collections and other information, as well as an innovative garment customization system and an organization by thematic areas: The Puffer, Ugly X-MAS, NBA, Kappa, Now Collection, Party, Perfumery, Technology, Sportswear and Maternity.

The brand new Inditex premises, which will allow pets, not only offer an exceptional day of shopping, but also leisure experiences (a room with Arcade machines) and chill-out, with a cafeteria called Bombón Poss x Lefties and a surprising decoration with various sources.