The Kings pose in traditional Greenlandic attire

King Frederik of Denmark and his wife Mary are on an official visit to Greenland. The world’s largest island, between the Arctic Ocean and the North Atlantic, offers its guests temperatures more typical of winter than summer, with a maximum of 8ºC and a minimum of 2ºC.

Federico and Mary have turned this official visit to Greenland into a perpetual honeymoon. Note the Australian lawyer’s gaze towards her husband in the image aboveTheir continued romantic gestures are applauded by their followers on social media, who enjoy every detail, look and pose of the couple. They leave Genoveva Casanova behind and put an end to the crisis triggered by the photos of the Mexican with the then heir on a walk through Madrid.

On the House’s profile page, they posed in traditional costumes and said: “Greenland’s summer climate is arctic cold. The King and Queen sailed to Sisimiut (a town in Greenland located southwest of the island) aboard the Royal Ship Dannebrog.” They added: “Their Majesties wear traditional Greenlandic national costumes for the first time during the official visit“. Photo: Kongehuset. Social media users have melted after seeing the Kings wearing the typical boots in black and white versions. “They are very cool”, “warm”, “no matter what Mary wears, she always dazzles”, are some of the messages.

Mary is wearing a colourful jumper and trousers set with a matching mini-cape. The Greenlandic Inuit is made from seal skins on the cuffs and collar. And the Kamik boots, made from caribou and polar bear skin, are designed to withstand extreme temperatures.

Located northeast of Canada and northwest of Iceland, Greenland, which became a Danish colony in 1814, is part of the Kingdom of Denmark through a relationship similar to the Commonwealth of the Crown.