The Kings and their daughters, a different Holy Week: in Chinchón for their Living Passion

For the first time Chinchón has the presence of the Royal Family in its traditional Living Passion. Don Felipe VIdoña Joy and their daughters, the princess eleanor and the infanta sofiahave decided not to attend the Easter mass in the Cathedral of Palma to attend the special celebration of Holy Saturday in the Madrid town.

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This is the first public appearance of Their Majesties the Kings and their daughters this Holy Week. Both the Princess of Asturias and her sister are enjoying a vacation period from their respective study centers.

Chinchón, a municipality included in the list of the Most Beautiful Towns in Spain, has been celebrating this open-air show for 60 years, which has a stage design in which hundreds of people participate. Every year, thousands of national and international visitors congregate in its Plaza Mayor to witness it.

The act in which the residents represent the last evangelical scenes about the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ has also had the presence of the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso.

There are already four years in which we do not have a photo of the Royal Family after the Easter Eucharist in Mallorca. The last time they were seen there was in 2019, together with the Queen Sofia. In 2020 and 2021 the mass was not celebrated due to the coronavirus pandemic and last year was the first time they broke the tradition. The king did make a surprise trip a week ago to Palma de Mallorca to meet her mother, who had been on the island for a few days, accompanied by her inseparable sister Irene and staying in the Marivent palace.