The king praises the National Team but remembers that “a goal is missing”

Royal conclave in the Euro 2024. He king philip has traveled to Germany after the celebrations for the 10th Anniversary of his Proclamation and has supported the Spanish National Team from the honor box of the Veltins Arena in the city of Gelsenkirchen, where he has been accompanied by Pedro Rocha, president of the Spanish Football Federation. Very smiling, he enjoyed the meeting between Spaniards and Italians and experienced the meeting as a good fan: “It’s wonderful to see them play but the goal is missing”he told the press.

“The control of the ball and the feeling of having opportunities… They are also strong in defense, avoiding counterattacks and it has been a great first half”he commented during the break. “I hope we have a goal now”. And he added: “It is always a pleasure and an illusion to come and see the National Team”. It has not been. Don Felipe, who was attending a Euro Cup match for the first time, was left without scoring the goal but he did enjoy the fact that Italy scored their own goal and gave the victory to La Roja, so he returned home happy , in any case.

The monarch has not been the only royal to support his people. A few hours before, the Prince Guillermo and the King Frederick of Denmark They greeted each other warmly in the stands of the Deutsche Bank Park in Frankfurt, where they witnessed the meeting between their respective countries. Mary Donaldson’s husband, a great football fan, has been accompanied by his daughter Josephine. “May the best win,” he told the British heir. The match ended in a draw.