The Investigating Court number 6 of A Coruña, in which the three complaints have been filed by individuals against LaLiga, its president, Javier Tebas, and the Fuenlabrada for the trip of the Madrid team to A Coruña on July 20 with cases of COVID-19 in the expedition, does not perceive a crime against public health with fit in the Penal Code.

The judge has initiated preliminary proceedings in case the facts reported in the complaints could constitute “one or more crimes of injury or even against the rights of workers,” reports the Superior Court of Justice of Galicia.

For now, explains the TSXG, the chief magistrate of the body understands that “there are no indications of the commission of a crime against public health or of disobedience in accordance with the Penal Code.”

However, it has agreed to request the Judicial Police to prepare a report on the circumstances that followed the detection of a positive by COVID-19 in the Fuenlabrada staff from the perspective of existing protocols.

This study, specifies the Court, “must also detail data on the conditions in which the transfer to A Coruña took place” with the number of “positives and indications on the form of contagion”.

The complainants consider that LaLiga, Tebas and Fuenlabrada are the authors of a crime of disobedience to authority and another against public health.

For these alleged crimes, they asked the court to clarify the possible criminal and civil responsibilities that may arise from the facts that they expose in their writings.

At the same time, the A Coruña City Council asked the Prosecutor's Office to investigate the events related to the Fuenlabrada trip “in case they constituted a crime”, after Galician health confirmed that the club traveled from Madrid to the city with five positives for coronavirus.

The Fuenlabrada coach, José Ramón Sandoval, and seven other members of the Madrid team have already left the hotel where they were confined in A Coruña since last Monday, early this afternoon.

[+] None of them has wanted to make statements:

Eight players from Fuenlabrada leave the hotel of confinement in A Coruña

This morning, the Galician Health Service confirmed the epidemiological discharge of 33 members of the Fuenlabrada expedition in A Coruña after tests carried out yesterday on the 46 members of the club who remained isolated at the Finisterre Hotel in A Coruña, while another 13 must remain in quarantine.

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