The joking between the members of the Spanish Soccer Team after revealing that the princess eleanor have pictures of the player Gavi in his school folder is absolute. The Barcelona Football Club midfielder has to put up with the jokes of his teammates, who tease him and even jokingly address him as “the Little Prince”.

Some media are already speculating that the eldest daughter of our kings has fallen in love with the footballer and that is why she binds her folder with his photos. She tells herself that she has great admiration for the eighteen-year-old jock.

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It is also hinted that the future queen of Spain would have distanced herself from that Brazilian boy, a classmate, with whom she was related months ago, to the point that the young man, they say, accompanied the princess to Madrid in one of his trips.

For his part, Gavi does not give much importance to this rumor. It is true that he is not known to have any girlfriend. And we have to add that King Felipe VI requested a few days ago, after witnessing the Spain match against Germany of the Qatar World Cup, a shirt signed by Gavi himself. Obviously, being a small size it was not for the monarch. Another thing is that it was for his daughters.