And the third was the charm. The third season. João Félix is ​​the footballer who signed up, a differential player. His talent did not need a certificate: he has left samples of it since the first time the rojiblanca was donned, with that Maradonian play that opened his matches at Atlético. But injuries on the one hand and constant pain, like the ankle last season, had not allowed him to have continuity. That that talent was beyond sparks. Full of light, yes, but ephemeral after all. His decision to go under the knife after the Eurocup to end the pain that haunted him every time he stepped on turned out to be the most successful: when João Félix has returned to play, he has done so to be the João worth 120 million, the João that Atlético signed three summers ago. wonderful.

Photo by João Félix

The last three games, Milan, Barça and Liverpool, the last two above all, have been decisive. If he entered against Milan when the Italian team was left with ten, it helped the rojiblancos achieve victory. He improved the team. And it showed something with which Simeone was about to beat Klopp’s team in the last duel: that he marries Griezmann perfectly. As with Lemar. Because it is curious. The two most expensive signings in the history of Atleti are united by a similar path: That it has cost them to get rid of their shoulders that band of having to demonstrate, almost, from the first ball. The 70 million paid by the French begin to look cheap now, when he dazzles in the new Cholo system, where he fits like a glove, the 120 by the Portuguese.

João Maravillão

Against Barcelona they both unleashed Koeman and his defense with continuous triangulations and speed. Against Liverpool, more of the same. A trident, João, It bites and Lemar turning off the man who had frightened days before for his game against Watford; Mané, Firmino and Salah. PBut João has taken over a place from which it will be difficult for him to extract: he is pure talent, every time he touches the ball he teaches a masterclass about it. And they are not just sensations. Also words: “He has an admirable shot for his age. And he is excellent in dribbling.” Luis Suárez says it before stating what already seems: that this “will be his year.”