Family day and holiday event for the infanta sofia, who celebrated her Confirmation in the Church of the Assumption of Our Lady of Aravaca, in Madrid. same place as Leonor and same godfather, the king Philip VI.

The three grandparents who live in Madrid have appeared, doña sofia, Rock Dove y jesus ortizwhich has come with Ana Togores. By the way, they have not separated for a second. Like the Duke and Duchess of Sussex at public events, Ortiz and Togores were very much in love holding hands. So until they’re gone. This has been widely commented among our colleagues in the press, who were in the garden patio of the parish.

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But, by far, far away, the most commented thing has been a moment in which the queen letizia grabs his daughter Leonor by the arm, in a gesture that in the program it’s already noon They have interpreted as a new hitch of the two queens. The scene, which immediately reminded us of that tense moment in Palma in 2018, was an interpretation. It is true that the two queens and Leonor were on the same plane. But it was a gesture from Letizia to indicate to her daughter where to place herself. Immediately afterwards, what I have seen has been a hug from the princess’s back to her paternal grandmother. The two, holding hands, have entered the church together.

Mass lasted an hour and a quarter, with his homily, the anointing of consecrated oil mixed with balm and the imposition of hands on Sofia. The rite has concluded with the greeting of peace and the notes of Pachelbel’s Canon. Almost at 2:00 p.m. the royal family has left. It was the post-‘hook’ moment. Letizia and Sofía have greeted each other with two kisses. They were under the arches of the church arcades. Afterwards, the king’s mother has distributed kisses to her granddaughters. Then mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, arm in arm, have been so complicit and happy. They have walked like this, so united, in front of the media that we were there. Later, they have returned to pose for the photographers. They wanted to send us a message of union and closeness.