The insulting amount that Terelu Campos earns in just one week thanks to the news of her daughter’s pregnancy

They say that children come with a loaf of bread under their arms and In the case of Alejandra Rubio and Carlo Costanzia, the one who comes brings a bar big enough to feed the two families involved. and some collateral sagas for a long time.

In addition to the exclusive that María Teresa Campos’ granddaughter and Mar Flores’ first-born son gave, for which they say they have received around 85,000 euros, the grandmothers’ collection is added. Yes, the grandmothers, Terelu Campos and Mar Flores.

Alejandra Rubio’s mother will do it tonight in Friday, where he has already recorded even the scoop, and in the case of Mar Flores it seems that negotiations are taking place, not on TV, but in his main magazine. “The offer has been made. Another thing is for her to accept. The no has not been resounding because it is good news, but she is not convinced about having to talk about everything else and of course, because of her ex, Carlo’s legal problems and Otherwise, they are also going to ask her for a good handful of euros,” someone very close to the model tells us.

But the one who is going to earn real money thanks to the pregnancy of her only daughter is Terelu Campos. Pipi Estrada’s ex, as soon as the news became public that she was going to be a grandmother, began negotiating with the producer of FridayWell, not her, her sister Carmen, who is the one who deals with these issues.. The negotiation was easy because of the grassroots they put on the table, which convinced her immediately. “She is going to take home more than 70,000 euros for this first interview as a grandmother. A fortune that very few guests achieve, but The bosses believe that they are going to make the extra cash profitable. This is his first interview talking about the subject.everyone is waiting to see her reaction to such bombshell news and she has not opened her mouth at the moment nor has she even been seen anywhere, although They will pay it off in several installments“, they tell us.

And not only that, but also Terelu has also negotiated a magazine. They tell us it can be Hello and that he could pocket around 40,000 euros for that friendly and posh interview.. That is In just one week, Terelu Campos has solved her year, because she will pocket more than 100,000 euros. And all thanks to his daughter.

We have already given a good account in this newspaper of Terelu’s economic problems. And since he ended his contract with Mediaset, more so. María Teresa Campos’ daughter only bills thanks to Spanish Television, where it seems that she has a fairy godmother, because she was also left without her blog in Readings. For a few months now, Terelu has only had several collaborations in Mornings and also in D Heartwhere by the way, they are not at all happy with it because he has refused to go to the programs in which he collaborates despite being the news of the week. “He has refused,” they tell us. And it does not surprise us, when you sign an exclusive there are conditions and one is not to speak for several days in other media, even if it is precisely those in which you work. His daughter Alejandra has done the same with Cuarzo, the production company that makes This is life. Without saying a word in the space that has been paying for her all year, she has made the exclusive in Hello! And he has “fled” to Ibiza. We won’t be able to see it until next week. In short, pasta is pasta.