Tremendous debate in networks in Italy on the last selfie hot to influence it Clare Ferragni. The model, blogger, businesswoman and instagramer shared an image online that has raised applause from her fans, but also a wave of criticism. At the crest of the wave of detractors is an 11-year-old Italian girl. Little Giulia, who also followed the Milanese top, wrote on her profile: “What’s the message for us? To get attention we have to get naked?”. La Repubblica publishes it.

The girl shared her arguments with this narrative: “My mother is 34 years old and posts photos in a swimsuit (…) If I uploaded a photo like that, I would feel terrible.” She added words like “ashamed of her behavior” and pointed to Vitto, the model’s daughter, who in a few years will be the same age as her: “And these photos remain on the Internet forever.” She concluded with a resounding message: “I don’t think showing your butt is to be proud of.”

“Do I piss off Puritans?”

Chiara’s response to the little horsewoman, fond of horses and riding, was not long in coming. The influencer emptied the charger of empowerment and freedom to decide and replied to Giulia: “No one can judge us or make us feel bad. Publishing a photo like this shouldn’t embarrass anyone. On the contrary… Why a woman in her underwear Should she be ashamed of her body? Am I pissing off Puritans? So, mission accomplished.”

Things got even hotter when Giulia’s mother reported that Instagram had canceled her girl’s account: “My daughter has been silenced,” she denounces. According to La Repubblica, her mother, Viktoria, directs her daughter’s profile, in which she shares photos of the girl on horseback. By the way, being 11 years old, the network only complies with its regulations.